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Yard Sale - June 23rd, 2018
 Come check out our yard sale on June 23rd from 8am-2pm. We're going to be set up in Hedgesville, WV in the grassy area across the road from Schoolhouse Drive (between the 7/11 and Elementary School). We'll have plenty of items for sale that will directly benefit animal rescue in the area. 

Friends Fur Life's Featured Dog

Hi, Spirit here!

My foster mom says that I am doing great with the PLACE command. But, what I really want though is a PLACE in your heart because I want a forever family of my own.

I am a 4-year old spayed female Rottweiler mix.

I was rescued from an owner neglect situation by my first foster mom Jennifer. I was chained outside without any food or shelter. Jennifer got me medical attention for my neck wounds and nursed me back to health. When I was healthy enough she got me spayed and got all my vaccinations up to date. Once she decided I was ready to find a forever family she lovingly sent me to Friends Fur Life Rescue. I still remember my forehead being wet from her tears when she kissed me goodbye.

I have been with my current foster family in Harpers Ferry, WV for one month now. I am being fostered with 2 canine sisters and 3 non-friendly cats who I don’t bother.

I started Doxycycline just before joining my current foster family because my Lyme Disease test came back just slightly positive; the vet had to examine the test several times before she decided to put me on the medication as a precaution. Due to my active nature and love for jumping, my foster family would be shocked if I actually had Lyme disease.

I bonded very quickly with my current foster family. They say I am a Velcro dog because I am always underfoot. They have also given me 2 nicknames – “Nubby” because of my cute docked tail and “Goof-a-Doof” because of my silly antics.

I am completely housebroken. If I need to go potty, I will paw at my foster parents to let me out.

When my foster parents go to work I am a very good girl in my crate and I go out for a mid-day walk with the dog walker. I have never chewed the bedding in my crate.

As soon as my foster parents get home, I get to play fetch which is my absolute favorite activity! I love chasing a ball! When I get the ball, I will chomp on it or pounce on it. I am an active girl so I need a chance to run every single day. And since I get rambunctious when playing, a family with sturdy children would be best.

My first foster mom Jennifer said she noticed some resource guarding with food around other dogs; not humans though. This is not an issue at my current foster home because we are all during meal preparation and mealtime.

After dinner, we get to go for a walk and then if the weather is nice I get to play fetch again. Or we do some training or we get a Kong treat (again everyone is crated). Yeah, I lead a pretty busy life.

I am a very smart girl and I am food motivated so I am easy to train. I know basic obedience and I am also doing K9 Nose Work in which I get to find Rotisserie chicken.
I very protective of my foster parents' yard. I will loudly alert them if anyone gets near our fence.

When I am ready for bed, I will paw at my foster mom or try to climb in her lap. Once we are settled into bed, I like to lay on her chest to get some quality cuddle time. After about 15 minutes, I will go to the foot of the bed or go back to my bed on the floor.
I would be fine as an only dog or with a pack non-dominant medium/large sized dogs. I love to play with my foster sisters but sometimes I am too much for them since I always want to play. I also tend to nip when playing and they don’t like that very much. One of my foster sisters is very possessive of toys so we are not allowed to play with toys together. I do love stuff toys but I will destroy them if not watched.

I am working to improve my leash manners. I like to pull, jump, and zig zag all over the path because I get so excited about all the new smells. I also get overly excited when I meet another dog during a walk.

I am working with a wonderful trainer to help me do better on a leash. She is also helping me stay calm during a walk. Fortunately, I am rewarded with yummy cheese when I am a good girl so I enjoy this training too.

I need a special family who will appreciate my love, goofiness, kindness, companionship, and loyalty.

I need a family who won’t give up on me when things don’t go perfectly right away.

I am hoping to find a PLACE in your heart!

Please consider donating some much-needed dog food for the rescue. Not only for the pups in our but for our food bank as well.

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